What is the Changing Culture Programme?

The Changing Culture Programme (CCP) is a partnership between the Brathay Trust, the University of Cumbria and Theatre by the Lake. It is one of 18 projects funded by Arts Council England as part of the Transforming Leadership strategy. CCP is for aspiring leaders in the arts, culture and heritage sector in Cumbria and North Lancashire. It aims to increase the diversity of arts leadership, and prevent talent draining from rural to metropolitan centres.


Academic learning

Our participants have benefitted from academic learning via our partners at the University of Cumbria.

Personal Development

Industry leaders, Brathay Trust, have supported the participants in their personal development throughout the course.

Dedicated mentors

Arts Leaders from around Cumbria and North Lancashire gave participants their time online and in person each month in regular mentoring sessions.
Signal film

Work-based learning

All our participants had the opportunity of work-based learning thanks to a hosting programme facilitated by leading arts organisations.

The Changing Culture Programme has been described as
"the best thing to happen to Cumbrian Arts Leaders of the future in a long time."

Our Participants

The Changing Culture Programme has attracted participants from a diverse range of backgrounds – some arts-based, some not. However they all hold one thing in common – they want to become Arts Leaders of the future.

Catherine Peters

A creative with an eye for detail using 20 years experience within the design industry to lead and deliver creative projects.

Ella Luo

Ella is the Engagement Producer in the Participation and Learning team at Lakeland Arts, one of the largest arts organisations in Cumbria.

Henry Greenwood

During my time as part of the CCP, I was able to realise the possibility of bridging my passion for the environment with ethical business models.

Morgane Cozler

The skills and confidence I’ve gained from the CCP have been invaluable; over course of the CCP I’ve become the secretary of a local sign writing group, and from this have also attained funding for a sign writing project.