Our Participants

Catherine Peters

A creative with an eye for detail using 20 years experience within the design industry to lead and deliver creative projects.

Ella Luo

Ella is the Engagement Producer in the Participation and Learning team at Lakeland Arts, one of the largest arts organisations in Cumbria.

Henry Greenwood

During my time as part of the CCP, I was able to realise the possibility of bridging my passion for the environment with ethical business models.

Morgane Cozler

The skills and confidence I’ve gained from the CCP have been invaluable; over course of the CCP I’ve become the secretary of a local sign writing group, and from this have also attained funding for a sign writing project.

Natalie Bowers

A North West based Arts Producer & Project Manager, my work concentrates on the creation and delivery of new immersive and outdoors events.

Katarina Prior

I am an artist who creates art to inspire people to reflect on the world; its people and its nature.

Joshua Spedding

I am an award-winning Independent Music Artist, Events Manager, Director of CIC – ‘Horizon Studios’ and Advisor at ‘Barra Culture’.

Gregory Webzell

I run a vintage Ice cream tricycle business based in Keswick offering day sales and private hire for events such as weddings and shows throughout the summer season.

Becca Snow

Through the CCP course, I have gained a great deal of knowledge and confidence giving me a greater appreciation of my abilities within these roles.

Abigail Lawson

Abbi is a historical interpreter and costume designer from Tebay with a passion for social history and finding connections through local heritage.

Chloe Lee Maitland

I would describe myself as a visual artist with a deep care for the world we inhabit and a passion for change and growth through creative means.

Emma Dockeray

My name is Emma Dockeray and I’m a creative currently based in West Cumbria. I’m a professional musician, songwriter,  music teacher, choir leader and youth worker.

Ava Harrison

My name is Ava and I completed CCP in 2021. The course gave me many opportunities to have the dedicated time and safe space to reflect upon myself.

Lucy Sherwood

Lucy Sherwood is a young, multidisciplinary artist with interests in fine art, photography, the environment and protection of wildlife, and accessibility in the arts.

Josh Duncan

‘Local Hero’ award winning JD, Josh Duncan, is one of two directors of Horizon Studios, established 2021.

Emma Corless

I have been involved with the arts and culture scene in Morecambe for nearly 6 years.

Heather Askew

Heather is an experienced project manager and leader in the arts and culture sector, with strong organisational and financial skills.