Becca Snow

About Becca Snow

Within my community I am involved with several Creative enterprises, including The Alhambra, Good Things Collective and More Music. I am also a member of the Creative West End Network, focused on bringing art to the West End of Morecambe. From which I have become more involved in the wellbeing and creativity in my local community.

Through the CCP course, I have gained a great deal of knowledge and confidence giving me a greater appreciation of my abilities within these roles. I have also gained a greater confidence in my personal creative endeavours.

From this I have become co-coordinator a signwriting project funded by the CWE, I am a member of BayBeat Street Band at More Music and have secured a solo photography exhibition after my involvement with the Eliemental project with the Good Things Collective.


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  • Community engagement,
  • Community Art,
  • Events & venue Management


  • Photography,
  • Creative writing,
  • Storytelling,
  • Music, drumming,
  • Singing,
  • Signwriting & Painting