Henry Greenwood

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During my time as part of the CCP, I was able to realise the possibility of bridging my passion for the environment with ethical business models. This in turn has started a new target for me, in which I aim to work for environmental based Social Enterprises upon my graduation. While taking part in the CCP group, I volunteered to become the courses student representative for the steering group. This role enabled me to develop the skill for transferring questions and queries from members of the CCP back to the steering group and relay any messages back to them. Furthermore, it became an interesting opportunity to understand how such a diverse range of organisations collaborated to develop and maintain the CCP course among various partnerships with different skill sets.


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I am a semi-professional musician, with touring and recording experience which has sent me up and down the U.K. and Belgium. As well as having an album available from retailers including HMV and Amazon.

When I’m not playing guitar, I enjoy hiking, walking and paddle boarding in the Lake District and Silverdale & Arnside area. When the weather doesn’t permit such activities, I enjoy visiting indoor climbing centers to make use of their bouldering facilities.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve developed a passion for cooking, which came about as a way of overcoming an eating disorder. I found cooking to be a perfect way to calm myself after a hard day at work as well as being able to reconnect and take control over what I eat.